Are you only using a tiny fraction of your web hosting powers?

"Give Me Just One Hour and I'll Show You Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Your Website Hosting!"

On the page below, you'll find the fastest and easiest way to learn all the tools, resources, and functions that Web Host Manager can offer you and your online business... guaranteed!

Dear friend,

It can be tough trying to make money with an online business. I get that.

So the last thing you want to do is FAIL to get the kind of web hosting you need to be successful.

Here's the problem. Many new internet marketers get the most basic, stripped down web hosting possible... just to save a few pennies. In other words... they go with simple add-on domain name hosting when first signing up for hosting.

But there's a BIG problem. By doing this you're setting yourself up for technical issues in the future.

Not only that, but you're getting only a tiny FRACTION of the powerful tools, resources, and functionality available to you.

That's why anyone with a website NEEDS to have a hosting account that comes with cPanel and also something called Web Hosting Manager (WHM).

Cpanel is the name for the hosting control panel for customers or clients of yours or your resellers. Web Hosting Manager is the control panel for you and your clients who also host other clients' websites.

Either way... Web Host Manager is literally the control center of your hosting account.

What Your Web Host Manager (WHM) Can Do...

Without a doubt, using Web Host Manager makes it easier, more effective, and more efficient to manage your hosting accounts from one place!

With Web Hosting Manager...
You can create, delete, suspend, and manage multiple domains on your account.

You can manage and monitor bandwidth and disk space usage,

You can check and change all aspects of DNS from parking a domain to adding a DNS zone.

You can configure customers' support requests through cPanel.

You can check server information and status.

You can create your own default page when you create a new account.

You can customize your hosting and control panel with extensive branding.

You can change your client domain names and user names.

You can hop from each cPanel on your account and access/change anything that does not require SQL access.

You can install and maintain software and check systems

You can create your own custom web hosting packages.

Manage SSL certificates, from generating new certificates to installing them.

Install and uninstall FrontPage™ extensions for your Microsoft™ customers.
And honestly, that's just a tiny fraction of what you can do. Web Host Manager can also be used to install and manage important things like email accounts, MySQL databases, Apache, and other important services and software.

You can set storage amounts for your sites, install useful scripts, and move sites easily when you want to move to a new host.

Why Web Host Manager is Needed...

Web Host Manager gives you a lot more control and flexibility when managing resource intensive sites, highly trafficked sites, or large number of sites.

There are MANY reasons, if you have business sites or popular sites, to place them on separate cPanels.

For one, you have the ability to monitor and adjust your bandwidth and disk space, which can help keep a quickly growing or high-trafficked site from being suspended or crashing due to bandwidth overages.

Since you can adjust your bandwidth and only upgrade when you really need it, this can dramatically reduce your costs.

Also, if one of your sites is hacked the odds that your other sites will be attacked are dramatically reduced, which increases security and peace of mind. There's no way anyone can tell if accounts on different cPanels are attached to the same WHM account so this increases your privacy.

And if you're going to process credit cards on your site you need an SSL certificate. To get a SSL certificate you must have a dedicated IP address and you can only have one dedicated IP address per cPanel. Using Web Host Manager is much easier and less expensive to use when managing multiple cPanels than managing multiple accounts.

Believe me... managing a large number of domains in one cPanel can be frustrating, especially if you update the files regularly. It's never easy to work on that many domains in one cPanel.

Bottom line, Web Hosting Manager saves you a lot of time and money.

Why You Need a GUIDE that shows you How to Get the Most from Web Host Manager...

The truth is... you could spend hours of your time trying to figure everything out yourself, in order to get the most from your Web Hosting Manager.

But the problem is... if you try to do it by reading the manuals that come with your hosting account; it could confuse you even more. Those things are dry, boring, and so technical; it can be hard to understand them.

Or, if you just log in and try to jump around and figure everything out by trial and error, who knows how long that will take you to figure it out, if you even do.

That's the exact reason I created "My WHM Tutorials"!

So you don't have to spend hours and hours of trial and error trying to figure all this out yourself.

In one hour, you'll have the convenience of knowing all you need to know to get the most use out of your hosting.

Introducing "My WHM Tutorials"... a Fast, Easy Way to Learn about Web Host Manager in just one hour!

Now you don't have to weed through page after page of boring, dry technical jargon that will go right over your head.

You can use this video tutorial course to learn how to get the most out of your Web Host Manager faster, better, and easier than trying to figure it out on your own.

"My WHM Tutorials" is the first online video tutorial course that teaches new or even experienced web users how to get the most out of web host manager, all in the easiest and most convenient way.

This course consists of a set of 17 different videos showing you how to use your WHM (Web Hosting Manager) in the easiest, low-hassle way possible.

Many people get confused when using a Web Hosting Manager. These videos will show you everything you need to know to manage all of your sites from one location.

These are step-by-step videos that you can watch over and over. You can pause or rewind them if you miss something or want to actually do what's being shown.

All it takes is one hour total, and you'll know all you need to know.

Here's Why This Video Course is Unique...

These videos were created by a professional webmaster and programmer with over 20 years of experience.

I promise they will save you loads of time just by learning HOW to do everything and what it all does for you.

There are a total of 17 videos and all together they last about an hour.

You can either spend 10 or more hours trying to read and learn everything the hard way through reading the boring, technical manuals that come with your hosting account or you can just watch these videos and learn all you need to know in an hour.

You won't find a more low-hassle, convenient way to learn all about your web host manager, and be able to do it all in an hour.

Here's Exactly What Each Video Covers...

Video 1. 3:10 minutes- How to log into Web Host Manager- The first video explains how to log into your Web Host Manager and the URLs to access it.


Video 2. 4:14 minutes- How to create hosting packages in WHM- Setting up packages is one of the first steps when accessing your WHM the first time.


Video 3. 3:16 minutes- Using the feature manager in WHM- This video explains how to create different feature packages to enhance your offered packages for clients


Video 4. 3:13 minutes- Learn about the skeleton directory in WHM- This video demonstrates how to create your own custom default hosting pages, just like Hostgator or Hostdime.


Video 5. 1:22 minutes- How to modify the suspended accounts page in WHM - Customize your own suspended accounts page when you've suspended an account


Video 6. 4:51 minutes- How to create a new hosting account in WHM- This video walks you through adding a new hosting account (site) in your WHM. This video will explain each step in detail for you.

Video 7. 1:53 minutes- Change account's password and/or upgrade/downgrade an account in WHM. This video demonstrates how to change an account's password and also shows how to upgrade and downgrade an account's package

Video 8. 2:57 minutes- In depth account modification in WHM- This video expands upon the account upgrades/downgrades video by explaining how to really go in depth with fine tuning actual storage space and bandwidth on a per account basis. This allows complete customization of account settings on an individual basis.

Video 9. 2:22 minutes- Suspending or unsuspending an account in WHM- How to suspend and reactivate an account and the steps to follow.


Video 10. 2:14 minutes- Terminate an account in WHM- Outlines the steps to take when terminating (deleting) an account in WHM.


Video 11. 2:33 minutes- Managing MX entries in WHM- Useful when clients want to use a 3rd party service such as Gmail or Amazon mail services with their account


Video 12. 2:59 minutes- Managing DNS Zones in WHM- This video demonstrates how to edit the DNS entries for any domain in the WHM


Video 13. 2:08 minutes- How to park a domain in WHM- This video shows you how to park a domain using WHM instead of the accounts cpanel


Video 14. 2:04 minutes- How to generate your remote access key in WHM.- useful for any script that requires it. Most uses will be for hosting scripts, an example is WHMCS


Video 15. 7:39 minutes- Generating and installing SSL certificates in WHM- Step by Step example on how to add a SSL to any account in the WHM


Video 16. 1:25 minutes- Using cPanel/WHM news feature in WHM Keep your hosting clients informed with ease.

Video 17. 14:28 minutes- How to move an add-on domain to its own account- Step by step tutorial on how move an add-on domain to its own individual account using a Wordpress blog as an example. This is one of the main reasons to have a WHM.


What Others Have Said about My WHM Tutorials...

"I am so happy! Thank-you for having
these videos made!"
Finally a comprehensive tutorial on use a WHM panel. After months of stumbling around in my WHM panel, I have been able to clean it up after watching your tutorials. I like how short and to to the point they are.

I looked online for help and all I found at YouTube were very basic videos, most with no audio, that didn't address what I needed but only the very basics! I even went to a forum to ask questions and all I got there was "go to YouTube."

My hosting provider sent me a link to read pages and pages of instruction written in geekspeak.

Then I turned to you because of how much your past tutorial products have helped me. You delivered a great package. Your tutorial package provided me with straight forward, sequential and easy to follow instructions. I especially loved video 17 because it held the answers I have been seeking for months!

They start out with the very basics and became more in depth as I went through them. The videos are in an "over-the-shoulder" view style, which makes them very easy to follow. They are presented in a logical order, at a pace that my brain could easily follow.

I am so happy! Thank-you for having these videos made!

Petra Rentrop
Local Reach Advertising
Abbotsford, BC
Bottom line, these videos provide tips and tricks that ensure you get the most from your web hosting, for both you and your customers.

They provide simple and easy solutions to common Web Hosting Manager problems and pitfalls.

Even if you've never had experience working with WHM, these videos will walk you through every feature you need to know. This saves you time, frustration, and money.

Before these tutorial videos came along, if you needed Web Host Manager help you had to rely on the documents that came with cPanel or had to use the cPanel forums.

Well, those can be quite confusing to understand. But now you have a faster, smoother option.

These videos have information on WHM that will get you up to date fast. They include screenshots of virtually every part of WHM you need to know about. They take you step by step from the beginning to getting into advanced WHM functionality.

Who Needs These Videos?

If you're a seasoned WHM veteran, you may find things that you weren't familiar with, but the most value is had by those who are new to cPanel and WHM.

The videos provide an explanation on when you should or shouldn't use something and provides solutions to common web host manager problems. If you're completely new to WHM, this will save you a ton of support tickets and headaches.

Once you watch the videos, you'll learn how to...
Set up a fast, secure, effective server with WHM

Manage multiple domains

Work with databases like PHP, MySQL, Perl, and Apache,

Manager standard and reseller accounts

Keep an eye on what's happening on your server

Manage DNS, IP, and SSL certificate issues

Manage security on a regular basis

How to add useful features and tools to WHM and cPanel

How to install, manage, or remove clients from the server

Control which features clients and resellers have available to them

Notify you or your clients when problems happen, such as services go down, clients use too many resources, or there are security issues.

Move accounts from one server to another

Automate tasks like site backups, updating critical system files, processing web logs, and a lot more.
After you've watched these videos, getting the most of WHM will become simple and clear! You get the lowdown on how to best use your web hosting manager, without spending hours and hours with trial and error!

How Much Does This Course Cost?

Well, let me ask this... What price can you put on cutting out hours of needless surfing through your Web Host Manager, trying to make sense of it all?

What is your time worth? Sure, you can read the long, boring instruction manual that comes with most hosting accounts. But seriously, have you ever seen those things? Talk about boring, dry, and hard to understand.

Sure, you could spend hours and hours trying to figure it out, but doesn't it make more sense to just WATCH and see what you can do and what needs to be done?

I don't know about you but it's much easier for me to understand things when I can watch a video and have someone walk me through the important stuff.

Think about this... if the only thing that "My WHM Tutorials" did was make the entire process fool-proof and brain-dead simple it would be worth $100, yes?

If the only thing that My WHM Tutorials did was make the entire learning curve go from 10 hours of learning to an hour or so it would be worth $100, yes?

If the only thing these tutorials did was make sure you get the most out of your web host as possible, so you can run your business more smoothly, it would be worth $100, yes?

The good news is "My WHM Tutorials" does every one of those things, and more! But I'm not going to ask you to pay $100. In fact, it won't even cost HALF of that...

Because when you take advantage of this special offer right now, your total investment only comes to $17.

For just $17, you will save yourself hours and hours of technical issues, questions, and trial and error. You'll also have less questions and be able to use all the resources of your web host, and you'll learn it faster than if you did with trial and error.

It's the fastest and easiest way to ensure you get the most out of your hosting.

You know... I'm confident this course will get you up to speed on getting the most from your Web Host Manager and fast. But even still, don't even make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and try "My WHM Tutorials" out. Take 30 days to go through the videos and check it all out.

If, for any reason, you're not 100% delighted with the videos - if they don't help you get the very most from your web host manager, if they don't simplify the entire process for you then simply let me know and you'll get a no hassle, no questions asked refund.

Absolutely no questions asked. That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

You can try to figure out how to use your Web Host Manager (WHM) on your own, and make sure you're using all the most powerful features it comes with. You'll probably spend a 4 to 5 hours going through some boringand dry technical documents.

Or, you can invest just one hour and learn all you need to know and watch it right in front of you.

So please, don't procrastinate and "think about it". Go ahead and take the next step. It really will be worth it, I promise! Isn't $17. worth saving 3 to 4 hours of your time?

Here's what to do now...

Click the link below and order and you'll be downloading the videos in just a few minutes and finally learning to use your Web Hosting Manager the right way!


Your Name

P.S. You'll only have to invest just 60 minutes to watching these videos and you'll be able to get the most out of Web Host Manager.

So if your time is worth more than $17, it makes sense to just get these videos that will show you exactly what you need to know.

And remember, there's absolutely no risk for trying this out. If it's not for you, you can get your money back quickly and easily.

So don't you owe it to yourself to at least try it?

So don't delay. Order now and get access as soon as your payment is processed...

Nothing is shipped to you, you'll be able to instantly download your videos right to your computer right from the privacy and comfort of home. And it's just a one-time fee, you'll never be billed again.