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As you know, many methods others teach you simply DO NOT WORK FOR YOU.

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There are methods you can use to quickly and easily create high quality products that overdeliver and bring in tons of sales, subscribers and traffic easier than ever before.

These methods don't require you to do lots of labor intensive work and are fun to do. You don't need to have lots of knowledge on a subject or even know how to write a sales page.

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Product Creation Crusher

A detailed report showing you step by step exactly what to do to create high quality products fast - that your customers love and your affiliates love to promote.

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  • 2 Important things You Must Do to instantly work less and make more
  • 3 ways to instantly pick a winning product idea... Since it's already proven to sell
  • How to analyze your research to pick only the good stuff that is easy to create a product around
  • 6 Sure fire ways to quickly collect all the information you need to create a high quality information product
  • The 6 step presentation model so that you create the ideal product for all customers and over-deliver big time without much extra effort
  • A simple 5 step process to structure your product so that the information appears more valuable and increases the likeliness of your buyer to take action ...which results in more profits in the future
  • The right way to use PLR and MRR so your product is a hot seller and you don't have to do much work
  • How to get a JV partner to Explode the success of your product and do the things you can't yet
  • The easiest possible way to create a high converting sales video... especially if you are not a good speaker
  • How to create high converting sales letters in 7 steps that convert at up to 20%'s easy and you don't even need screen shots to prove your product works
  • The secret to INSTANTLY DOUBLE your Profits every time you launch a product
  • My #1 go to headline that converts like mad
  • How to get easy affiliates and snowball the number of affiliates you have
  • 6 rules you should never break when approaching affiliates
  • How to price your product perfectly and the advantages of charging less or even more than the competition
  • The easiest possible way to get back end profits several times a month
  • 7 kick butt traffic sources to market your product besides affiliates and what you should do 1st to ensure higher profits

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Your Fast Action Bonuses

High Converting Lead Magnet & Opt in Page - Value $47+

This short report details 3 important steps to take in order to create a winning product, more importantly it converts readers into buyers of Product Creation Crusher since it uses some proven copywriting and preselling techniques. The opt in (squeeze) page should also convert fairly high since similar opt in pages I have convert at up to 83%. I also include a download page you can use for this product.

High Converting Sales Page - Value $197+

As a reseller you get the high converting sales page (I've used the same format to create sales pages that convert at over 30%) in both the resell rights version and non-resell rights version. That includes a product image and a download page template.

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