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Dear Fellow Marketer:

The cat is out of the bag. You, and many thousand others have been sold a lie.

Getting those elusive hordes of traffic and hundreds of page views to boost your rankings is much, much easier than you think – In fact the 'guru's and experts discovered a powerful and effective way to drive targeted traffic and boost up their site rankings a while back but they kept mum about it.


Well if someone gave you secret access to go to the national mint at night and grab as much crisp, fresh dollar bills as you could, would you tell the world about it?

Of course not! It's the same with these top notch marketers – They have already made a ton out of these secrets but they want more. So they tell you the usual rehashed nonsense:

1) Go to forums and social network sites, register there, leave comments and a link to your site

2) Find similar blogs in your niche, do a blog comment or backlink, viola! One measly backlink

3) Write & submit so many articles in that you might as well apply for a job in the local papers.

Wait, wait wait. Have you guys ever done it this way before? 

Probably just about everyone (including us) spent hours upon hours laboriously searching for niche blogs, forums and taking time to go to various social media sites such as twitter, facebook, myspace , digg and the like.

And let me tell you this:

Simply because of two things:

1) It's time consuming and tiring – Okay, this may sound like a no brainer to you. But time is money. And time, once spent, can never be recovered. You want to spend your time focusing on things that really matter, including building up your multiple streams of income and even personal matters such as spending time with your family, not become an article journalist.

2) Forum webmasters, blog owners and nasty visitors. These guys are a handful. There will always be people in this world you can't please who will be cynical and find fault with every tiny detail. There is no point trying to convince them of anything. In fact, you could get more drained dealing with them.

But well, since the 'guru's said its the right way, we'll have to accept the status quo, spend loads of time generating traffic through the old school way of backlinks and common traffic generation methods. Right?

No, No, NO. YOU set the destiny of your life, & your websites! 

You see, I also tried to do things the traditional way, you know, article marketing and such. 

And of course I was battered and bruised as well as left very drained by attempting back linking and other forms of traffic generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

That is, until a top notch marketer close to me revealed that his compatriots were actually using a method that went against the grain of what we were taught. 

And most of them didn't even need to appear in forums, blogs or social network sites to channel those massive backlinks to their sites.

As he explained the process of how the top notch experts generated their backlinks to boost their site rankings, I got angry... 

Angry at myself for being made to look like a fool and angry that all the experts only taught us 30% of what they knew all the while (so...relax, you're not the only one).

But I was still skeptical. So I took his methods and put them to the test on a test software I created. The whole process was set up quickly and left by itself for 3 days.

3 days later, I took a look at the results and I fell off my chair. 

I got top ranking for the keyword I was targeting and it had over 1 million competitors!

“That's ridiculous! That's...unreal!”

You see, this technique took us less than an hour to implement and execute! 

I was stunned to silence. Immediately, I contacted my expert friend and asked him to teach us the process from the start to finish, writing down every single detail meticulously. 

That happened months ago. Since then, I've been constantly generating loads of targeted, hungry traffic and tons of links so much so that our service provider sent us emails to check on the legitimacy of our business!

So without further a due, I proudly introduce:

First of all, let me tell you what these techniques are NOT. They are not:


A get rich quick scheme - Sorry, you'll need a little effort, some patience and a dash of creativity. But nevertheless, you'll get your easy, flowing links and traffic.
Paying for emails – These are useless and won't get you the traffic you want. You'll lose out over the long term.
Black Hat- Nope, never believed in that and never will get my customers into trouble. Not worth the price for my reputation.

How to boost your search engine presence by a little known method of uploading your software into the software directories
Get one-way back links from huge authority sites (and boost your search engine rankings!)
Detailed, step by step instructions on how to leverage on each resource to transform them into traffic generating machines to pull in hordes of targeted buyers!
Free & paid resources that make submitting your software a breeze even without an iota of technical knowledge!
A proven system of catapulting your search engine rankings and suck in more lead, sales & money into your bank account!
  And much much more...

After going through this video course, you'll be able to:

And the coolest thing is... You DO NOT have to be a programmer… nor do you need to know or write a single line of code to leverage on software submissions for linkbuilding. 

All you need to do is to follow the videos and literally point & click your way to have your very own software- hassle free.

Next, all you have to do is to submit the files to the various software directories and just sit back and see these authority backlinks flood in while your search engine rankings SKYROCKET!

All this to be revealed when you grab this step-by-step video tutorial course today!

Think about it… How much is one top Google ranking worth to you? $100/day, $200/day or even up to $1000/day?

What if you had MULTIPLE top Google rankings?!

The SKY is the limit!

Just deed your site with enough authority backlinks…

Have your site rank #1…

And you be making $100/day or more in no time… And achieving this is going to be so simple once you add software submissions to your linkbuilding arsenal! 

The next question is, "How much"?

Well here's the truth... These techniques, although extremely rare, were also offered by another marketer online for the price of $97!

But that's not what I'm going to do...

In hard times, it is the struggling and groaning marketers and novices that deserve help, not the prosperous, fat and greedy gurus. 

So I've decided to offer the blueprint to this powerful system to almost any struggling marketer for the grand price of:


Let's put it this way – After executing the techniques in this deadly system, you'll be able to cover the price you paid in just a couple of days. 

As mentioned, to keep out the greedy marketers, Authority Backlinks Avalanche will only be made available for the first 200 lightning fast action takers. After that, we may take down the product forever.

If for any reason you truly believe that Authority Backlinks Avalanche doesn't help you in generate a ton of high quality backlinks to your sites and improve your sites rankings, ask for a refund within the next 30 days.

No question asked and no hard feelings. We'll refund you the FULL price of what you paid for. 

It's that simple!

Do you want to continue wasting hours and days posting blog comments waiting for backlinks and writing a library full of articles for a few measly visits? 

I know you're a smart marketer and this is an offer that will be unlikely to be repeated for a long, long while. 

I also know that you're sick and tired of not earning enough, of wasting money and time on unproven, shoddy shams. 

It all ends today. The only thing separating you from a successful, cash generating system you can call your own is this button over here:


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We look forward to the exciting stories of success you have to tell.

To Your Success,

Your Name

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