Dear business owner,

Letís not get ahead of ourselves here. 

Money is money and yes - you might want to make bazillions very quickly but even the most successful person on the planet had to start somewhere. 

And to start somewhere, you need to know what you are doing first!

What Iím really saying is....

In other words, itís money you wouldnít be getting if you didnít know this stuff Iím showing you today. 

Itís not about doing anything that hassles you either or that involves a lot of extra work, in fact itís a simple list of Ďadd-onsí and powerful strategies that youíre simply not doing because you didnít know you could (or should). 

So... you can use my fast track video course right now today to generate that extra $100+ just by having the knowledge of Ďhowí. 

The reality is that -

That is, by learning more, knowing the loopholes, knowing the systems and strategies that get the most cash out of any business quickly and simply. 

These are the same tried and tested, already working practical tips Iím going to share with you today so that you are in Ďthe knowí. 

Itís really that easy.

In life and in business itís not how much you know, itís the quality of what you learn and I want to ensure that you are not being led astray by tips and advice that donít serve you elsewhere or that actually HARM your business. 

Which, trust me, happens. 

You shouldnít cloud your mind with ridiculous notions of billions of pounds; Ďinternet gurusí promising you the world (to me in my early days too!) and I want to tell you - start small first. 

Rich minded people understand this fact intuitively, they know all of the small and effective ways to maximize their income very quickly and also how to save... millionaires are actually expert savers! 

But thatís another story. 

Donít tackle big figures until you are assured that you can do this small & simple mission Iím setting you - to just earn $100 extra a month starting now. 

Of course, following my videos you will be able to make much more - but Iím a realistic guy and I want you to set an achievable goal and you can work on from there depending on how hungry you are. 

There is no limit to the knock on effect of these money making strategies in your own business overall, Iím just showing you what is 100% do-able now. 

Once you do this, youíll feel so much more confident in your abilities and in the quality of your business knowledge that it will give you the burning desire to do more. And you will. 

$100 may not seem like amazing amounts of money but itís money you wouldnít be getting anyway without this information today! 

Because you wouldnít know about it!!

Perspective is a great thing too - 

$100 a month =
$1200 a year

ē Thatís a holiday every year

ē Thatís a newborn child set up financially for life by the time they come of age

ē Thatís a new wardrobe

ē Thatís treats you normally donít indulge in!

... Imagine not having to take any money out of the Ďbill/debt vaultí and just having spare cash each and every month just from knowing how! 

Today, you are going to learn 27 of the highest and most effective ways to make extra residual money beginning now. 

Itís really very simple, a few easy shifts in your business approach and youíre done! 

And youíll be so glad to finally know how it all works that youíll take this information into every business you set up in the future so essentially - 

Tell your financial advisors to go home! 

Tell those people who love to stick their two cents worth in your business affairs to take a vacation! 

Because when you watch these videos (with step by step instructions) you will be able to handle it yourself. 

Youíll know exactly what to do to make money and youíll do it with an informed sparkle for once. 

You will know things that the competition doesnít. And this will be your secret advantage. 

People will think youíve been to courses, that you have a wider business experience when you start making extra money so quickly. 

PLUS - One you learn, you can teach!

Maybe you are a business advisor, maybe you are a coach...

How useful will this advice be to your clients? 

And how much of an edge will you have among a sea of coaches that are full of empty goals while you are delivering reasonable and consistent amounts of money to them - every time?

It will just feel incredible! 

Nothing is more powerful than knowledge. 

Knowledge is power. 

Knowing the quickest and most effective ways to generate income that works! That continues to come in and is secure. 

If I handed you $100 every single month would you say no? 

Would you say no to learning how to run a business at its optimal level?

Didnít think so.

Well this is what Iím offering you. After today, you will be using all of the resources available to you instead of the 80% of information youíre currently operating on. 

Aside making extra money per month, there are other things I have for you to learn that will propel your business to the forefront of its specific niche. 

This information is vital if you want to understand the fundamentals of online business and what the best of the best do to stay at the top. 

Ideas that WORK every time for every person.

Iíve made sure also that itís really easy to learn and master:

ē The best sales techniques

ē What FORCES customers to take action willingly and gratefully

ē How to increase conversion rates instantly

ē How to sell more products in one transaction

ē How to embed offers into your website so that people click on them

ē How to make customers come back 

ē How to create a product that people WANT

ē The easiest/cost-effective ways to promote your services 

ē Exactly what to write in a Ďsellingí email

ē Step by step pitch techniques 

...and so much more but I do not want to give the game fully away! 

If you are serious about making REALISTIC and OPTIMAL income from now then youíll invest this small amount for a lifetimeís wealth of essential knowledge. 

And what will this lifetime supply of sales excellence and extra money making advice cost you?

All I require for my time, effort, years of learning and service to you today is a measly - 


I fully believe in mutual satisfaction, with this price I can offer value to you, satisfy myself so that Iím not a martyr as such and ultimately help to improve your finances, your income and your overall understanding of business. Everyone wins. 

Just how I like, it it is how life should be. 

Of course, If you want to let someone else learn it and keep yourself in the dark, thatís entirely up to you and I will support your decision 100%. 

But I have honestly done the work for you, all you have to do now is watch the videos, absorb what Iím saying and follow it exactly and youíll be earning an extra $100 each month by default. 

Is this not a reason in itself?

The choice is now yours. 

Get it here. 


Wishing you the utmost success,

Your Name