If you are marketing online then you need an email list!


To Whom It May Concern...

We have all heard the saying 'the money is in your list' but do you know how to build a list? Or what a "list" even is?

The marketing world is constantly changing and list building today is different than what it was just a year or two ago. If you are serious about building a business you need to keep up with new developments and trends: including list building.

If you don't have a list, don't know what a list is or aren't getting the results you want - then this is your lucky day!





List Building In New Internet Economy

With this eBook you will discover the basics of list
building including how to set up your first list.

You will find creative ways to entice people to subscribe to your list and one great way of how to get other marketers to help you build your list.

Not sure how to combine list building with social media? We have that covered too!

Plus you will find great tips on where to find content for your emails and how often you should email your list.

Topics Include:

    • Introduction
    • Basics of List Building
    • Autoresponders
    • Email Frequency
    • Segmenting Your Lists
    • How to Get People to Sign Up to Your List
    • Adding Opt In Boxes to Your Website
    • Creating a Book to Generate Leads
    • Your Sales Pages
    • Using Surveys, Polls and Videoís
    • Host webinars/ Google Hangouts
    • Partnering Up with Other Marketers to Create a Giveaway Event
    • Using Contests to Build Your List
    • Run 30 Day Challenges
    • Offer Mini Email Courses
    • Using QR Codes to Attract Subscribers
    • Using Trade Shows and Local Events
    • Meet Ups, Tweet Ups, Conferences, & Educational Seminars
    • Using Facebook to Engage Your List
    • Gmail Tabs
    • Google+ Communities
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Freebie Portals
    • Conclusion

There is no better time than now to start building a profitable list.

Inside this eBook you will discover exciting, new ways to engage your list and keep them subscribed. You will find out how to build your list both online and by taking it offline.

This eBook is targeted to keeping up with new trends including incorporating social media into your list building efforts.

Don't delay, order this book today and take action before your competition does!

Order Below and Starting discovering new list building techniques today.



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