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From: Michaeldrew 10:07 AM

To: You IF you want to create a complete sales funnel THIS MONTH

Are you frustrated because you arenít making the kind of money online the quick systems keep promising?

Have you been trying to build your online business for at least 6 months, and you have tried several different ďsystemsĒ but none of them have done what they promised?

Do you struggle with what to sell and how to sell it?

Are you frustrated because you keep doing what the so - called gurus tell you to do - but nothing is really happening?

Have you bought a system or two that promised you to make it ď3 click easyĒ or to make fast money using their ďspecial secret sauceĒ?

You know - youíve seen them - $101,398 next monthĒ, ďcopy and paste for richesĒ, ďinvest $97 and get a money tree in your backyardĒ -

The truth of the matter is - those systems donít work for anyone except the person selling them.


The only person making money is the person selling them.

The thing is - the ONLY way you make money online is if you sell something.

And the easiest way to make money is to sell information.

It works like this:

Someone online needs to learn how to do something you know how to do.

You create a training teaching them how to do it.

When they come to your site, they buy it from you.

Thatís the way money is made online.

Itís not made from systems.

Itís not made from copy and paste.

Itís not made when you send traffic somewhere (unless someone sells something and sends you a commission)

Itís made when you sell something.

So the real challenge should be, how can I sell something?

You see, I see a lot of people trying to figure out how to make money online are getting all the wrong training.

They are buying traffic programs.

Traffic programs are useless if you donít have anything to sell.

They are buying lead gen programs.

Lead gen programs are useless if you donít have something to sell.

And itís not your fault.

Because I donít see this issue talked about online much.

Iím not sure why - maybe itís because people will buy the hype and glitz and thatís what sells so thatís what the gurus hype.

But if youíve known me for long, you know Iím not much for hype.

I donít have glitzy websites.

I donít make outrageous claims.

I donít promise riches overnight.

But the people who buy my training tend to love it because I tell it like it is, I donít mince my words, I donít look to see which way the wind is blowing before I tell something like it is.

I am very direct.

Both in letters like this, and in my trainings.

And I believe I go a lot deeper in my teaching than most others.

So letís cut to the chase.

You make money when you sell information.

You make more money when you sell a funnel of information.

Whatís a funnel of information?

The easiest way to explain will be to give you an example.

A funnel of information looks something like this:

Letís imagine you are a yoga instructor and you want to sell yoga instruction online.

The first thing you do is create a beginner yoga instructional course that shows someone all the basic yoga positions.

Letís imagine this is a 2 hour video.

You sell this video to anyone who wants to learn how to do yoga from watching videos online.

Maybe you sell it for $37.

Letís say 1000 people come to your site each month, maybe 30 of them buy the yoga beginner positioning course.

So you make about $1000.

Thatís the first product in the information funnel.

Now enter the second product.

First some background.

Some people who buy your yoga video will get really bored watching you stretch and pose for the camera. They will decide that they are better off going to their local gym and just hiring a yoga coach.

Thatís okay - those people arenít really your long-term prospects.

But some people who buy your video will really like your style.

They will think, wow! this is really easy - I sure would like to know more.

So then you offer an intermediate yoga course, maybe this is 3 hours of new instruction - for letís say, $97.

Out of the 30 people, 10 people buy your intermediate yoga course. That is another $970 in revenue.

Then some people who have bought your intermediate course, and some of the people who bought your beginner course, decide they want even more - and so you offer and advanced course - this is maybe 10 hours of instruction for $297.

Letís imagine that 10 people buy this.

That is $2970 in additional revenue (remember this is all from the original 1000 visitors, of course by now you are creating more visitors, so you are making more beginner sales at $37 and more intermediate sales at $97, plus these sales at $297. It like a continuous rolling circuit.

Next, some people start asking you...how can I get access to you to ask questions.

So you decide to launch a coaching program where you answer questions.

And you price this at $197 per month.

And 10 people enroll in that, which is $1970 each month.

So how much total revenue are we up to out of this original 1000 visitors?

We have $37 times 30 = $1100

We have $97 times 10 = $970

We have $297 times 10 = $2970

And we have $197 times 10 each month = $1970 per month.

So just the first month we have: $6110

And each month after, it goes up, because of the monthly payments.

So let me ask you this...how would you like to have a series of products in your own information funnel that works like this?

You see, one of the real problems you are having right now is that you only have one product, or you donít have any at all.

But the entire picture would change if you had 3-4 products, right?

And of course, I only showed 4 products.

Each month you could launch a new product, kind of like I do.

And in 2 years, you could have 24 products.

Do you think if you had 24 products, that you would make more money than your competition that has only 4 products?

Do you think that if you had 24 products, you would make more money than you are right now?

Hereís the thing...you donít need to create 24 products...but you DO need to create a few products.

You need a sales funnel.

So...here is what I have done...I created a sales funnel creation course that teaches you how to do exactly that.

I have called it my ďSales Funnel Creation Master CourseĒ and it teaches you:

  1. How to Choose the Right Products for Your Niche, That Your Prospects Really Want to Buy
  2. Exactly how to create your first $37 product
  3. Exactly how to create your second $97 product
  4. Exactly how to create your third $297 product
  5. Exactly how to launch an entry level coaching program

And I also teach you:

  1. How to easily think up stuff to teach in your niche
  2. How to easily outline your products so that they are really easy to create
  3. Also - how to easily write an ebook if you want to add one more product
  4. How to Create a 4 product funnel in just one month
  5. My own step by step easy method for easily recording your products fast

And you will learn exactly:

  1. How to Create your first product in just 3 hours
  2. How to Create your Second product in just 6 hours
  3. How to Launch your coaching program with just 5 hours of preparation
  4. Step by step how to organize your product funnel with the right products in the right order
  5. How to easily sell your new products online

Ok, are you ready now? Do you want to see exactly how I create profitable sales funnels that consistently build trust and make sales?

If so - I suggest you download a copy of my new system TODAY.

The reason for this is that because of the high level of information contained in this training, I am planning to transform this into a segment of a much higher priced course - with a possible price of $2000 to get access to this.

And truth be told, $2000 would still be a drop in the bucket for someone to learn how to discover the secrets of creating sales funnels that actually convert to buyers, wouldn't it?

Let me reveal something to you...each month for the last 5 years I have consistently released an average of about one new product.

That's right - each month I release about one new product. And I realize that is high...most sites average a couple of products per year. And frankly the difference between a ho hum income, and a blockbuster income from a home, when multiplied by thousands of sales...is huge.

In this system you receive everything you need to know to create...an unlimited, easy to implement, sales funnel that consistently produces high profits month in and month out.

What would it be worth to you to have complete sales funnel - that operates on 100% autopilot, and produces high revenues - revenues that could give you the financial freedom you deserve. Would you like that?

And that is why I believe that when I take this to the next level - and allow this information to be available only to clients who pay me upwards of $2000 (and I already have dozens and dozens of clients who have paid me in excess of $5000 or more to learn some of my other secrets) - this will still be a bargain at $2000.

So....why am I going to discount it for you today? So why discount it?

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So the question is...what do you stand to lose by NOT finding out how to create a niche-dominating sales funnel before your competition does, and lose out on all the sales YOU could be making, to your competition, who might not even know as much as you about your niche?

How much is it costing you NOT to have a complete sales funnel?

I mean, think about it - how many sales could you have done last month if you had 4 products and a coaching program?




Or more????

The thing is, you could have 3-5 products plus a coaching program in the next month using my system...and imagine the income you have lost the last 3 months by NOT having it in place.

In fact, instead of reading this, you could be vacationing this month.

Or free from your debts.

Or have financial freedom in your life.

Look, I'm not trying to scare you.

You're already scared.

Because you've been doing things wrong.

And you are getting bad results as an impact of doing things wrong.

Are you ready to start today doing things right, building a complete sales funnel that compels people to buy from you and NOT from your competition?